Managing director, life sciences agency lead, Deloitte Digital

By Andy Main, digital practice lead, Deloitte Digital

Everybody has a different reason for thinking the world of Larry. That says a lot about why he deserves this recognition.

They say he’s a game changer. Full of contagious confidence. Cutting-edge. Incredible business acumen. All-around nice guy. Friend.

Throughout his 20-plus year career, Larry has been changing games, cutting edges, and infecting everyone in his wake with confidence for the future of life sciences and healthcare marketing. He actually started his career at Deloitte in the ’90s. A few years ago, when Deloitte Digital launched the first creative digital consultancy and established a model to better bring our clients’ ambitions to life, we knew it would only be a matter of time before our worlds would converge once again.

Larry has been a true leader in understanding and shaping the transformational role of digital media in people’s health and wellness. His ability to continually look toward the future and build and integrate innovations uniquely for healthcare and life sciences has been a perfect fit — pairing his brilliance with our teams creates something truly unique. We know it will leave its mark on the industry for years to come.


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