Global healthcare leader, Amazon

If healthcare is the most intransigent industry today, it makes sense it’d take one of the biggest disruptors, Amazon, to change it. Despite its flashier initiatives — forming a healthcare company with Berkshire Hathaway and JP Morgan Chase, as well as acquiring online pharmacy PillPack — Amazon had already been angling for a healthcare push, positioning itself as a major distributor for medical suppliers and customers.

Chris Holt, the leader of global healthcare, said he believes a customer-focused approach is the key to success. Relying on easy-to-use tools and an efficient supply chain, Holt compares Amazon Business’ healthcare unit to a “marketplace.” He wants to change the setup of hospital purchasing, which is conducted through contracts with distributors and manufacturers, per The Wall Street Journal.

“Our goal is to be something new,” he explained. “We’ve been building out new capabilities and features to simplify purchasing.” As Amazon wades further into healthcare, its fortunes and the fortunes of the $3.4 trillion industry will be increasingly tied together.

Amazon Business reported having more than 85,000 suppliers and 1 million customers on its platform.


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