On its 10th anniversary, SSCG Media has proven itself a survivor. At the time of its founding, many medical agencies were discontinuing their media departments. But under the leadership of CEO Debbie Renner, the media planning and buying company not only endured, it thrived.

In 2009, SSCG Media doubled its headcount. Today, SSCG Media prides itself on being one of the largest agencies of its kind that focuses exclusively on healthcare. It has a network of five separate media agencies, and it manages more than 150 pharmaceutical and medical device brands.

Like her agency’s growth, Renner herself started from the bottom, as a media coordinator. How did she get there? She attributes her success to five qualities: being curious, adaptive, positive, respectful, and passionate.

This year finds SSCG Media in no less favorable conditions, fresh off a massive business win in the Amgen account.

Omnicom Group CEO John Wren highlighted SSCG and BioPharm in the win as “an example of growing our business with an existing client by collaborating across the group.”


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