Modern life is changing so quickly and in so many ways that it is difficult to keep up, but fundamental issues around health and wellbeing are being disrupted more than anything else.

It’s a subject area our sister title MM&M tracks on a daily basis, while PRWeek dips in and out. But it’s an environment where some of the most disruptive and compelling storylines are playing out, from national healthcare provision, to the discovery of new life-changing drugs, to healthier lifestyles for some and a more sedentary existence for others, to hot-button issues such as drug pricing and the increasing impact of patient power.

All these aspects and more are represented in PRWeek and MM&M’s third annual Health Influencer 50 list.

The lineup reflects the rise of disruptive and nontraditional health players such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Wal-Mart, JP Morgan, and Facebook, as well as innovative agency operators including Klick, Deloitte, and Evoke in and amongst more established names from the big holding companies and independents.

As new players enter the marketplace and disrupt established ways of doing things, you can be sure smart and effective comms and marketing will be more important than ever.

You can also bank on PRWeek and MM&M being there to track these developments and analyze what it means for communicators, marketers, patients, payers, brands, and enterprises alike.


Steve Barrett is VP/editorial director of PRWeek