Cofounder and CEO, Klick Health

By Dr. Daniel Kraft, faculty chair for medicine, Singularity University, and founder and chair, Exponential Medicine

Leerom Segal is the definition of a health influencer. He listens and is collaborative and inclusive. He’s also thoughtful, energetic, and inspiring, and able to bring out the best in the diverse team around him. In the process, he expands and amplifies his positive circle of influence.

I’ve watched Leerom use his creative mind and tremendous passion for cross-disciplinary learning to brilliantly leverage the convergence of technologies. In doing so, he brings surprise and curates delight — and even humor — around life sciences comms, content, and personalities.

I’ve been impressed with what the Klick digital innovation team and Sensei Labs have built to catalyze and create innovations that directly help patients, clinicians, and management teams. This includes Klick Labs’ recent work developing AI algorithms to predict blood glucose levels for patients with type 1 diabetes, as well as novel platforms to help build empathy between patients and their caregivers.

Another example is HealthVoyager, a VR tool developed in collaboration with Boston Children’s Hospital to create immersive and accessible patient-education experiences for patients and families.

I’m confident Leerom will continue to play a key role in helping shape, lead, and accelerate the future of healthcare.

For him, it’s a way of life.


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