Global chief digital officer, GSK Consumer Healthcare

By Debra Bass, global CMO and U.S. president, Nuvo Group

Marc Speichert is the archetype of a modern business leader: He has the global mindset, modern marketing skills, and inspirational leadership.

I’ll start by noting he is a truly global leader. He was born in Switzerland, grew up in France, lived in Mexico, Greece, and New York, and now resides in London. He continues to travel around the world, as he is curious and committed to expanding his business vision by reflecting local market understanding and ensuring global alignment.

Marc is a pioneer and a true creative thinker. He always challenges the status quo and thrives in change-agent roles where he can build new capabilities and find new ways to win.

He was L’Oréal’s first chief marketing officer, a post in which he shaped the company’s digital team and strategy.

He then joined Google to create and lead its newly formed global partners team. In that role, he was able to accelerate the digital transformation of large global companies including Johnson & Johnson, Apple, and Pepsi.

If you speak to people who have worked for or with Marc, you will hear that he is a beloved and inspirational leader, and one who has a magic touch. He is compassionate toward and supportive of his people.

He is a visionary who sets ambitious goals to raise the collective bar and enable individuals to do their best work. And most importantly, he’s vivacious, energy-creating, and fun.


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