SVP, corporate affairs, Amgen

By Bill Price, VP and chief comms officer, Zoetis

Over the course of his career, Ray has held leadership positions at Amgen, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer — companies where influencing the healthcare landscape is expected and the bar is set high. Those big stages and the public scrutiny that comes with them have never been too big for Ray, and it is why he has again attained this type of recognition.

He has handled a range of complex and intense PR issues that would cause most to wither — and has done it with skill, purpose, and sound judgment.

In my time working for Ray, I always admired his innate curiosity and willingness to experiment with the next tech or trend coming around the corner. At J&J he pioneered much of our early work with social media and crafted a new corporate voice for this medium.

His roots in math and finance shaped his unique analytical approach and the provocative questions he brought to every meeting. And his personal integrity makes it easy to see why he champions company values wherever he goes.


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