SVP and head of comms, government relations and policy, Bayer

By David Hirschmann, president and CEO, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Global Innovation Policy Center

When Ray Kerins speaks, you can feel his understanding and passion around the value of innovation. That kind of positive leadership fills the room and inspires others to follow. He listens and acts. It’s what makes him such a clear communicator and an effective leader. As Bayer and Monsanto merged, Ray did an amazing job explaining the benefits of the merger to all the stakeholders — from farmers to policymakers. He drove a highly effective, creative, integrated communications campaign that ultimately helped pave the way for success.

With his work at Bayer, Ray knows better than almost anyone the challenge of developing a one-in-a-million idea and transforming it into a life-saving or life-giving product that can reach billions of people. That’s why he is always thinking three steps ahead.


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