CEO and founder, Evoke

By Marci Piasecki, group managing director, North America, Evoke

Inspired — that’s the word I associate with Reid Connolly. About 12 years ago, Reid was inspired to create a digital-first agency with the simple yet powerful idea of making health a more engaging, accessible, and integrated part of people’s lives. Reid’s inspiration was contagious because, for years, I watched as the agency grew its offering and footprint to become a leader in the industry. In fact, it was Evoke’s continued dedication to the mantra “Health More Human” that inspired me to join the agency.

When you first meet Reid, his passion for the industry is undeniable. He has an impressive, deep knowledge of both the market and our clients’ business. This knowledge, combined with his drive never to accept the status quo, inspires our pursuit of new ways to provide value for our clients.

Reid’s hands-on leadership has garnered respect from the industry and created an internal culture of integration, connectivity, and transparency. No matter what role or level of seniority, there’s no voice too small — inspiration can come from anywhere.


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