Co-MD, Area 23

By Tim Hawkey, co-MD, Area 23

Area 23 may be known for its outstanding creative product, but this isn’t solely thanks to our creative department. My business partner Renée Mellas has set a clear expectation across the agency that no matter what your business card says, we are all here to deliver the most creative, bold, and groundbreaking marketing and advertising in the world. And she doesn’t want us all doing just the best pharma work, she wants us doing the best work.

So, I’m sorry to disappoint the conspiracy theorists who think our secret is an oversized, gelatinous crab in our studio that excretes perfectly formed, world-class creative campaigns. We do have that, but our actual creative secret weapon is Renée, an account person by training, who has transcended all definitions of her job description to become one of the best leaders this industry has ever seen.


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