MD, healthcare, Google

It’s been almost 12 years since Ryan Olohan signed on at Google, and during his tenure the company has been making a mark in healthcare just as it has done in so many other fields. The Google Ventures arm is working on cutting the cost of healthcare and addressing systemic problems.

Olohan spent almost eight years there, largely in CPG, before becoming healthcare industry director in 2013 and then moving to managing director of healthcare last October.

As a result, Olohan has been in the middle of Google’s healthcare efforts and has made a point of proselytizing to the healthcare crowd, especially its marketers, about the need to adopt and adapt.

Still, Olohan is not letting the fact he works at one of the world’s most pre-eminent tech companies go to his head, realizing it’s not good to rest on your laurels.

“We need to learn from other industries that have been disrupted before us,” he said. “The hotel industry has been flipped on its head with companies such as Airbnb, a simple app with no investments in real estate that now has a larger market cap than Marriott.”


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