Product manager and platform lead, Project Baseline, Verily

Scarlet Shore has the challenging role of leading Verily’s Project Baseline effort, an ambitious attempt to develop a “baseline” of good health using the data of 10,000 volunteers. Verily is an independent subsidiary of Google parent Alphabet. It was formerly a division of Google X until August 2015.

Around that time, Shore talked Verily’s current CEO Andy Conrad into giving her an internship. Project Baseline launched in 2017 and Shore has been involved from the beginning, evolving it into something that could ultimately reshape health.

Shore began her career as an analyst at JP Morgan and later spent a few years at Alexandria as VP, strategy, communications and marketing, a role in which she worked alongside pharma heavyweights such as Roche and Eli Lilly. Shortly thereafter, Shore returned to school to pursue a Master of Business Administration at New York University’s Stern School of Business. She was only there for one year before Google X recruited her.


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