President and CEO, PhRMA

By Joaquin Duato, vice chairman of the executive committee, Johnson & Johnson

The rate of recent medical breakthroughs has been breathtaking, making this an exciting and pivotal time for biopharma.

There is no person better to lead and represent the companies in this industry than Steve Ubl.
I experienced Steve’s leadership up close serving as PhRMA’s chairman last year.

He is adept at navigating the politics, mastering the policy, and understanding the needs of patients and stakeholders across the healthcare system. And he does all of that with a demeanor that encourages collaboration.

Steve is unafraid to shake up the status quo. Over the past year, PhRMA has proposed bold policies that would lower patients’ out-of-pocket costs for medicines. America’s biopharma companies are not just solving for diseases that were once thought to be incurable. Our industry is also part of the solution in creating a healthcare and economic environment that encourages innovation, new drug discovery, and access to medicines — thanks in no small part to Steve.


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