VP and CMO, Penn Medicine, University of Pennsylvania Health System

If today’s chief marketing officer hardly resembles the one of years past, then Penn Medicine’s Suzanne Sawyer best exemplifies how significantly the role has modernized. Airwaves and roadsides are rife with hospital ad campaigns, but CMOs can no longer concern themselves solely with building brand awareness. They must be successful in building revenue, too.

In the case of nonprofit Penn Med, that means sticking to its roots in translational medicine — the institution developed and helped commercialize Novartis’ new immunotherapy Kymriah — and, the health system has invested heavily to build out a marketing data mart that utilizes 30 different martech tools to capture the patient journey.

“When we run a campaign, we can now predict with a reasonable degree of accuracy what the revenue will be,” she said. “That’s made an incredible difference within my organization in terms of how it thinks about marketing, because once upon a time it was billboards and brochures and now it’s viewed as a strategic and growth function.”


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