CEO and cofounder, PillPack

In some ways, T.J. Parker, 32, is like many of his fellow millennials. Before settling on a clear career trajectory, he flirted with working in various industries. However, unlike most of his peers, Parker has sold a company to Amazon — for a reported 10 figures. The venture that so enamored Jeff Bezos is the online pharmacy PillPack, which Parker cofounded with Elliott Cohen in 2013.

PillPack launched with an initial investment of just $120,000, but grew at an explosive clip; less than a year later, it had raised an additional $4 million. Investors couldn’t get enough of the model — the company would go on to raise $118 million in total — which delivers pre-sorted, pre-packaged, and pre-labeled doses of medication directly to individuals’ homes.

Earlier this year, rumors swirled that Wal-Mart was interested. But then Amazon stepped in with a $1 billion trump card.

Parker will remain as CEO of PillPack following the acquisition, which means he could play an integral role in the tech behemoth’s looming push into healthcare. Parker is no stranger to putting the industry on edge, but the Amazon acquisition took this unease to the next level: When the deal was announced, healthcare stocks took an immediate nosedive.


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